VOL. 1 – NO. 6

May 1ST, 2008

On my way back from Kenosha, another useless attempt to gain a few dollars to buy groceries with – I was forced to drive through downtown. Mexican immigrants were protesting for rights on Seventh Street, and I could help but to roll my eyes. Here, in a city, where legal residents rarely have the means to sustain quality life – immigrants and illegals are rallying for the little resources that the city has to provide.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to use the same resources. But this is no ideal world. Racine residents stand in the midst of economic depression, forced to stare at illegals rallying for rights. They expect the working-class of Racine to just “deal with it”. Well, look at it from the working-class’s perspective – over half of the city’s population is unemployed, working-class people can barely afford the bare necessities (heat, electricity, water, clothing, food, etc.) and often spend several months or years without those bare necessities. I know this and I have been forced to myself with the conditions in this city. No one of working-class background wants to hear about illegals/immigrants. We can barely find work for ourselves- the city barely has enough resources for its own citizens – why should we give foreign people access to these resources?

In this time, arguments about “human rights” are laughable. The richest residents of every community complain about the working-class and blame workers for the condition of the city – while they do not live here and don’t have to deal with the difficulties of every-day life. Women have babies to get welfare because they have no choice. Don’t ask the working-class to eat rotten meat and just “deal with it”. Women have babies to get welfare because it offers them the little they have, for years, been unable to obtain. Children in the inner-city often have to get food from pantrys that is often rotten and not fit for consumption. Don’t ask the working-class to eat this crap after they have gotten sick from it and had no choice but to go without food for a few days. The rich demand the working-class to “shut up”, but we won’t. No one wants to hear a well-off business man tell them to “shut up”.

The working-class also does not want to hear liberals from the suburbs yelling about “human rights” when they have no rights. No working-class person will argue in favor of granting a rich man the individual right to consume the resources of a large city, all on his own – and they certainly will not support the exploitation of the entire working-class for one money-bag’s profit.

Immigration will not be an option until the entire United States is re-industrialized and socialist society has been attained to its greatest extent. There are not enough resources for the American proletariat right now and there will not be until socialist society has been entirely secured. There are no spare resources for illegals/immigrants at this time, so there is no reason for immigration. We can’t offer immigrants anything.

Instead of complaining about “human rights” and arguing on behalf of them – let us fight for the overthrow of the bourgeois apparatus which exploits the working-class. Let us fight for the establishment of dictatorship of the proletariat. Let us work to re-industrialize the United States and secure a pathway to socialism.

The establishment of a true worker’s state is the only means of attaining true democracy. For this, we must seek the extermination of the bourgeois apparatus – its ruling class which seeks to exploit the working-people. If we fight for the establishment of socialism and we work hard to secure it, immigration will be a reality. Until then, we must strive to construct socialism in our own country and better the conditions of our own proletariat. Socialism must be established in one country before being established in any others. This does not mean that it cannot be established in any others – but that it must, most importantly, be secured in one country, before revolution can take place anywhere else.

Let us fight for the construction of a true, Marxist-Leninist state, for the establishment of socialism, to better the conditions of the American working class. Once socialism has been secured in the United States, then we can open our borders and welcome in foreigners.

Now, on the first of May – let us celebrate past socialist revolutions. Let us celebrate the achievements of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha – let their achievements inspire us in the fight for socialist revolution today. We shall honor the success of Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries and work to further the success of Marxism-Leninism.


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